Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back!

Yawn! It's so late, but my Rachel is still up so I decided to hang out with her for a bit before curling up at the foot of the bed for the night. The poor dear just got home from work and needs some good cuddling! I've been thinking today maybe about tacking up a hobby... Chasing balls and ghost mice gets old after awhile... but of course, napping is my FAVORITE pastime of them all. I am glad I took up this blogging thing, though. I really look forward to making lots of friends and sharing my experiences with y'all! Okay, I think that's all the musing I can do for tonight!


The Island Cats said...

Hi Kiddo! Nice to meet you! We like napping too!

Cory said...

Napping is a GREAT pasttime!


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