Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thinking Thursday

So.. I took this quiz to find out which celebrity I am most like. They say I am like Owen Wilson! Owen Wilson? Really? I mean, he's an average actor, he is not nearly as handsome as me, and he can't speak clearly! They said I am an emotional train wreck! My biggest emotions are hungry, sleepy, happy, cuddly, not-so-cuddly, and curious. And believe me, they never train-wreck into one another. What do those stupid quizzes know anyways?? I, personally, think am debonair, educated, and handsome. Like Brad Pitt. You cats should take the quiz and find out what celebrity you are most like. I hope you have better luck than me!



The Island Cats said...

Kiddo, we don't think you're a train wreck at all!! You are furry handsome!

We're gonna try that quiz...

Everycat said...

Kiddo sweetheart, humans comparing you, a gorgeous mancat to mere (and puny)human celebrity is just crazy. There is no comparison, you are an original.

(who is doing rather well in the treat department due to guilt trippin' her humans 'cos of kittens hehehe!

Sara, Bebe and Iago said...

You are furry handsome and deb-o-nair, Kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Kiddo, you are quite dee-boner. How's the pappa-san chair fitting your fluff? Do you fall into deeper naps? Are there visions of sugar-mice dancing in your head as we get closer to the big "C"?
Take care of your people!
Daddy Bear

Cory said...

hmmmm a furrless actor can't hold a candle to your floofy man-cat tuxie-dom...they should be so lucky to have a cat such as yourself.


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