Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday- Catchin' Up

I would like to begin with an apology for falling behind in my postings. December seems to be quite the busy month!
OK, onto the most exciting news of all!

As most of you probably know, my beans and I live in South East Texas. Our climate is mostly subtropical, with our winters being cold (to us) at around 40 degrees or 50 degrees being the average winter's day temperature. It has snowed here, but never stuck. The last time there was snow on the ground in our city was over three decades ago! Before me or my beans were ever even a thought! Last Wednesday evening when Rachel was getting off work, it had started to snow a bit. She says if you looked into the sky, it looked like a blizzard! But, she didn't think much of it. Didn't think it would stick to the ground. She went home and told Evan, who of course had already heard about the phenomenon from the neighbors. They went outside and it looked like it was just going to turn into rain, no big deal, right? They went to sleep that night with no idea of what was brewing outside.
In the middle of the night, Rachel received a text message from her boss talking about driving safely on icy roads...she wasn't driving, so she went back to sleep.
Rachel and Evan woke up the next morning as usual and Rachel went to look out the front window to see if there was ice built up outside and this is what she saw.

SNOW!!!!!! She hollered for Evan to come see and he came, and they were both in awe! They never thought they would see snow like this in this town!This is the high school near our home.Someone built a tiny snowman, see?Rachel took this while driving to work!And when she got to work she took this one.

Isn't that amazing? We never thought we would see anything like this in our town. It was so beautiful! And the nuttiest thing of all is...It isn't even winter yet! Winter begins December 21st! What is in store for us this winter?



Everycat said...

That's amazing! Snow in Texas! Did you get to go out in it Kiddo?
This is an odd winter, hot places are getting more snow than cold places like the UK

Stay cosy bro'

Whicky Wuudler

DEBRA said...

We live in northern Florida, it snowed here in 1989 and since we have lots of bridges because we live near the Atlantic and also we have a big river you couldn't get from one side of town to the other. It's amazing. We are glad you got to 'enjoy' the snow but not have any problems with it.


Cafe Cats said...

YaY! We hope you had fun with your snow. It's so normal here we takes it for granted and make sure we don't get our paws in it.


Parker said...

I'm glad you got to see that Kiddo. We get to see that a LOT!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! We get snow all the time here in Michigan...but Texas??!? We wonder if you all will have a white Christmas??

Anonymous said...

Ut OH... with all this crazy weather...*shiver*

IT is very beautiful though!! You Momma should have taken the day off and just had fun in it!! :)


Cory said...

YAY! We got snow too and it hardly ever snows here...but Texas? That's amazing. I hope you get to get out in it Kiddo, if only for a few minutes! I would try but it was about 22 degrees...brrr...


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