Friday, January 9, 2009

Friendly Friday

Today I am going to write about some of my cool friends on the CB. Some things about them you may already know, and some things, you may not know.

First up, Tripper of
Tripper is a wild ex-feral who lives with his beans and a Siamese kitty named Mao.
When Tripper's beans empty his litter box, he loves to jump in and play around in the clean litter, eventually laying down for a nice rest! As you can see here, he loves to play dress up. You can see more of his costumes on his catster site:
The Creek Cats are up next. You can find them at
There are seven cats and a dog over there! I bet it gets crowded! They live on Gibbs Creek in North Carolina and have been blogging since September of '08. Maggie May even has her own blog at She has a luxating patella.
Finally, we've got Gandalf and Grayson of These two fellas live together with their bean, Barb, in Georgia. They love to go outside to the dirt and eat the new grass. They are both Mancats of course, proud members of the M-Cats Club. They have been blogging since December 12, 2007. They also have a blog where they write cool stories at
I hope I have inspired you to learn more about your friends, too! Happy Friday!


The Creek Cats said...

Oh wow, Kiddo!! Thanks for writing about us! It certainly does get crowded here in the house on the creek. We will have one less tomorrow when one of our fosters, Snoopy moves to her new home an hour and a half away! She finally got adopted!

We think you are very cool, too!

China Cat said...

What a great post about some of your friends! I'll have to go visit them now!

In fact I am here because of Kimo & Sabi's challenge to visit 5 new kitties! I have you featured today as a new kitty blog that I visited and I'm looking forward to coming back to visit some more! I hope that you'll come visit me too!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Daisy said...

That was a fun post, Kiddo! It's always great to learn stuff about other kitties.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look that's us! What a fun surprise, Kiddo!

The Island Cats said...

It's furry cool that you wrote about some kitties on the CB! We think all the kitties we visit are great!!!

Cory said...

It is great to meet new friends! This week has been fun.

Kimo and Sabi said...

Great job meeting new friends!

Anonymous said...

That's lovely to introduce new Kitties around :) Kinda like a parteh which hoomans would call networking... but we kitties actually make friends :))


Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Kiddo, we know Tripper and Gandalf and Grayson, and we are going to go visit the Creek Cats. It is neat the way you told things about them, you are such a thoughtful furriend to really personalize them! Meeting new furriends is very rewarding, and we are glad we met you!
Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon


nice meeting all the kittehz!!


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