Thursday, January 29, 2009

National Puzzle Day!!!

Today is National Puzzle day, so I decided to find a puzzle for everyone to try! I picked SUDOKU because it is my Rachel bean's absolute favorite!!!

Hooray and good luck!

In other news.... I overheard the beans say the "kitten" word! Eek! I am going to have to compete for affection now? I hope not!!!



Cory said...

Oh boy! Kitten?? Kiddo, this could be so much fun!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

uh oh, a kitten? hmmm, on the other hand, if you whap something off the shelf and it breaks you'll have someone to blame it on!

It is funny that you got up on the table the other day. I've been doing that lately too and not getting down when told. Of course, it is my evil alter ego Bendrix that does it...not me.

Artsy Catsy said...

I love it when my mom works Sudoku puzzles - I get to sit on her lap and chew on the pencil!


Cafe Cats said...

Mama says that Sudoku is too much like Math, so she doesn't play that game.



Kiddo, hon them out of it. Srsly.


Daisy said...

Kiddo, that is very exciting news!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I would need lots of luck, and Sunny's Daddy's help, to do that puzzle :-p

A kitten? That's interesting news. Just remember, you came first so it's your right to be dominant over any kitten that comes into your household ;-)

The Island Cats said...

Kitten?? Kitten?? Did someone say kitten?? Is there a brother or sister in your future, Kiddo??

The Creek Cats said...

Thanks for the awesome puzzle, Kiddo. Our mom loves sudoku!

Kittens can be surprisingly fun and you can boss them around cause you're the older sibling! It could totally work to your advantage!

DEBRA said...

kitten--oh boy!



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